Mastery, Inquiry and maths

Here is a space where those interested can contribute to discussion about what is mastery and what is the role of inquiry in teaching and learning. The discussion started by Peter Gates asking “What is Mastery?”

One thought on “Mastery, Inquiry and maths

  1. Mastery makes me think of the phrase “master of our own destiny”. My greatest concern about a) prescription, b) how mastery is being defined by the NCETM; specifically the notion of a class ‘pace’ rather than there being as many paces of cognition as there are children in a class. Pete Griffin’s article in MT??? “Teaching takes place in time, learning takes place over time” springs to mind. I am not clear about what role problem solving plays in the NCETM version of mastery or what role unravelling mysteries might play. A good example of mystery is the different places and ways the Golden Ratio occurs.

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